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Chris de Gier, a photographer living in Houten with a passion for photography

Photographer Chris de Gier


Passion for photography but not for a dark room…


Years ago, and then I really mean years, I already had a passion for photography.
Frequently looking around sites like through the eyepiece of the camera, take pictures
and then have to wait for the outcome of the photographs…

My passion, looking for the most beautiful picture, positioning, adjust camera settings then shoot…… fantastic.
But as some also had a passion for the dark room, I did not at all.
The downside was that you had to wait and were dependent on the companies that print your photos, sometimes good but often not.

In short …… no total control …

At the end of the 90’s, the “affordable” digital camera’s finally arrived and for me that was a new start in photography.
Finally the almost complete control from location until end result.
At the beginning, much reading and “learning by doing”, than training, courses and workshops both theory and practice oriented.
And then grow to where I stand now and continue to invest to get where I want to be.

When it comes to photography, I’m very versatile as you can see in my portfolio.
I enjoy many different disciplines without being able to designate one real favorite.

What do I photograph?

        • Product
        • Architecture
        • Landscape
        • Portrait
        • High-speed
        • Macro
        • Interior
        • Urban
        • Wedding


As you can see very versatile, but I give each photo my own style in order to be distinctive of the many pictures you can find anywhere and nowhere.
Ultimately you cannot be the best in everything so I choose a number of disciplines.
The most claimable, in which I can put my own creativity and with those I started my commercial activities.

Keep an eye on this site because I’m sure to surprise you again with beautiful pictures.

See you soon