Volvo S90


S90 + S90…. Typically Volvo or not quite…..


Thursday I was once again on the road for a photo shoot and this time with 2 Volvo’s namely a Volvo S90 T5 and a Volvo S90 T6.
In a previous blog I described the V90 T6 Cross Country which radiates Volvo from the front to the back and is at a quality level that has never been so high at Volvo.

Now as they used to say the “luxury version”, or in other words the sedan.
We can say XL, XXL, XXXL. This S90 is the longest production Volvo ever.
Longer than the V90 and even longer than the XC90 …
Despite the civilized appearance, it remains a huge car and due to the small overhang and large wheelbase, it’s not a punishment to sit here. More than enough legroom, which was different for the previous generations…. Predecessor S80 is slightly smaller than this S90 but certainly not a small car, at least from the outside… Inside, and especially in the back seat it was disappointing (Or you are able to buy the old S80 with AA licence plate).
The designer of the S90 held the drawing pen between the wheelbase a little longer on the paper, resulting in an interior space that can at least compete with the competition.

I have spoken quite extensively about the V90 T6 Cross Country or does a S90 with identical engine or a T5 really differ enough to dictate a blog?
With the exception of the luggage space, there are certainly points/items to address which in my experience are indeed different or at least I felt/feel were different.

As first I stepped into the S90 T5 which again is provided with “do everything you can tick” in the rather long list of options … .. FULLY loaded …
Luckily I had already studied the numerous opportunities during my V90 experience so it felt familiar and as if I came home from a long vacation. To be honest, I have missed this excess of luxury a bit…
Prepare for takeoff, fasten your seatbelts, start the T5 engine and experiencing…. After 20 meters a little small threshold and immediately noticed that this sedan is just a bit weaker in the front suspension than I can remember in the V90. Strange, especially because this T5 is also equipped with “the what you should definitely choose” air suspension.
Quietly cruising toward the highway, I got more and more confirmation of the softer feeling in nose of the car. Perhaps fitting for this luxury sedan but personally I found that the V90 Cross Country has better shock-absorbers in the nose.
In addition, the T5 has no AWD and you can feel that in the steering wheel … Slightly more vibrations in the steeringwheel but not annoying and completely normal with a front wheel drive car.
(Although some competitors, who supply most models with rear wheel drive but now also provide cars with front wheel drive, declare that it is not so … ..).
Then the T5 which according to the books has considerably less power than the T6 (254 hp vs 320 hp). Noticeable, but whether you have to dish out a few extra “banknotes” for this is the question.
Yes, he picks up less in the lower rev range and yes you have to have a second more patience from 0-100 km / h but to say that it’s slow …. Certainly not.
I do feel that the engine is somewhat quieter than the T6 in the V90 and that’s nice. Besides the fact that it fits better in a luxury sedan like the S90 is the T6 sound experience certainly not an “orchestra” what you want to hear.
As I wrote in my V90 blog “or you let it sound in line with the performance or you make it so quiet that you do not hear it” … Et voila, a T5 …

In addition the sedan in its totality is also slightly more quiet than the V90, although the noise already had a whispering quality. Probably the “volume of the interior” in a sedan is a bit smaller and therefore even quieter, especially with rolling sounds of the rear tires..
In this blog I will not go into all the delicacies on board this luxury sedan, but rest assured that you can really get used to this.

At the destination for the photoshoot I walked around the car to take a good look at the outside of the S90. Design and the like is very personal of course but I think the nose has a modern look, tough with a high Volvo DNA …. Fortunately…
The side of the car is very nicely lined and has some traits of a competitor from the beginning of the alphabet but is certainly successful .. very nice. Where I find the V90 Cross Country better in proportion than the V90, I notice that less with this S90 sedan.
Then the back… uhhh where do I recognize this from …. Something reminds me of this back but can not immediately remember which car it was.
Again, it’s taste and so many people so many opinions but personally I think the back is the least successful. It is as if the Volvo designer started at the front and in years of “designing” he finally handed over the back to someone else because he went on vacation himself …
Now I had a similar feeling during the introduction of the last generation V70. Albeit to a lesser extent but still …. Get used to it they said, and indeed, it has taken a while but I’m used to it. In fact, pretty nice .. Let’s see if that will happen to me with the S90 as well ….

Back to the beginning where the S90 T6 takes over the baton … Different color, different engine but same equipment so fully loaded ….
Cranking and tasting … Same small threshold and what is my surprise … .. It seems that it is less weak in the front suspension than the T5.
Strange because where I could understand that the V90 would be differently suspended, I do not expect that with two S90’s who also both have air suspension.
After a while I keep feeling that the S90 T6 has slightly better steering characteristic and better shock absorbers in the nose. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the T6 has  AWD and the T5 does not. That probably also explains that the T6 has less driving vibrations in the steering wheel than the T5. If you drive both S90 ‘s in quick succession you notice the difference in power… The T6 is a lot more eager on the throttle and picks up a bit better at certain revs but whether you think that is worth the extra price is personal. The engine sound is for my feeling more emphatically present than with the T5 but that can also be a matter of how both cars have been run or how that that they have been driven.
Furthermore, I have already spoken my mind on the sound of the T6 so I leave it at that.
At the location for the photo shoot again my round around the car … Also a beautiful color that in my experience fits better in the autumnal colors of the surroundings but I say that more as a photographer and not as a potential buyer ….

Again I see the back of this S90 …. Still can not remember which car it resembles … annoying …
However, this T6 is equipped with a small spoiler on the boot lid which gives it a slightly different look… Small details such as the ornamental parts of the exhaust reveal that it is a top model.

Back to start to deliver the T6 neatly and during this ride I try to determine for myself that if I had to make a choice which it should be, the T5 or the T6.
In terms of power train, I’ll decide for the T6 as it has AWD and just a bit tighter and better suspension. The T5 against it fits better with the limo feeling and if you have not sniffed the power of a T6, the power is more than enough.
In addition, he challenges less and gives more rest. The T6 gives no emotion in terms of sound (sorry but this remains a thing) so … choice stress …

Eureka … ..Volvo …. I know…. put a T5 with AWD on the price list … Best of 2 worlds … Then give that “ass” a facelift or otherwise for now order the spoiler on it and hope that you’ll get used to it… Has also been successfull with the V70…

Do you have the bucks and are you looking for a car in this class … Volvo has made huge steps and they are great cars so do not just focus on the 3 toppers in this segment and be surprised ….

I myself would try to collect more money and go for the V90 Cross Country as in my blog and get used to the sound of the engine….

Back home in my own rear wheel drive, I think about the pictures taken and then … ..

That back …. Safrane sedan from the 90s …. That is it…
I have never been able to get used to that “ass” so lets see if it will work with the S90 …


Handtekening Chris