Volvo V90 Cross Country


Big steps…..


Friday I was onroad for a photoshoot of the brand new Volvo V90 Cross Country.
And what kind of Volvo….. Take a basic Cross Country, choose the heaviest engine (namely a T6 with 320hp and 400Nm torque), then pick up the accessories list and just tick all the things you can check…… and that’s a lot….. a lot of…..
You’ll see that again if you look at the multifunctional touch screen, which works very quickly and intuitively.
Swipe once to the 2nd page and you will see a screen full of icons that will allow you to adjust all the settings of the car.
The more icons the more settings the more accessories and this page is full of icons …
Fancy finery to the car and a screen full of icons represents more than € 40 000 options and accessories.
Expensive? …. definitely not cheap but if you put this car next to the 3 German toppers then it’s more than competitive.
Difficult to operate? …. Certainly not. Everything is where you expect it to be, so you do not need to be an expert to find and adjust the right settings.
You’ll just sit there for a while (no punishment in this car) and you’ll find everything almost blind in no time.
A good example of how it should be and where many car manufacturers can take this as an example.
I’m not going to list everything here but some notable things are worth mentioning.
Air suspension (take it), heating / cooling and massage chair (you will miss if you do not have it anymore), more than amazing seats, an audio system that the average Dutch person does not even have in their living room, everything is electrically adjustable, a lot of security systems and semi-autonomous driving up to 130 km/h ……
The latter is the future, they say, and perhaps I have to get used to the idea but you have to drive this car yourself so that option I would not check personally …

The outside looks very sturdy, partly due to the enormous rims and the plastic accents and styling elements along the wheel arch.

Personally I think the Cross Country has a better ratio than the “regular” V90 but that’s a matter of taste.

Then driving …. A lot of comfort thanks to the silence on board (laminated side windows), the air suspension and the fantastic seats (and all other delights).
Motorically the most powerful gasoline version, a 2 liter turbo plus compressor that delivers 320hp and 400Nm torque, which is more than enough to devour asphalt at high cruising speeds and thanks to the All-Wheel Drive it has enough grip to accelerate to 100km in slightly more than 6 seconds .
As I said,…. big steps….
It’s definitely not a go-kart which makes you the king of the curves but you can go very fast and this Volvo has not been set for the super sporty driver.

Aren’t there any negative points at all?…..  If i want to whine certainly …

The 8-speed automatic gear is very good and maybe better than the gear from the German-topper at beginning of the alphabet, but somethimes I’ve been able to notice things that do not happen with a Bimmer.
Please note, Volvo has made huges steps compared to the previous generations of Geartronic and it’s certainly no shame to shine next to a star ….

Then the engine, a T6 with turbo and compressor. More than enough power and torque, goes seriously fast only here I miss the emotion.
It’s personal but I think that if you go for this engine then you should at least have the option to make it sound like that too.
Or make it so quiet that you do not hear it at all or like now that you hear it during acceleration, but in line with the HP’s and car’s appearance ….
Now it sounds like a standard 4 cylinder from the middle class, nothing wrong with that but I can imagine that potential buyers want something more ….

Come on Volvo, T6 used to be a 6 cylinder and I understand that it’s no longer economically justified … unfortunately …. But that sounded nice …. Very nice….
Pure emotion, I know, but that’s somewhat a little part of driving …
Other brands let a 4-cylinder sound like a clock, possibly on request, and that’s exactly the option I can not find anywhere in the very extensive listting of accessories … a bit of a pity ….
Then let the technicians do what they do best, I say.

With the current generation V90, Volvo has made great strides. On many points, such as safety, building quality, luxury and finish.
Everything has its price, however with regard to the last items it ranks on or sometimes even above the wellknown German hits …
And that one will costs at least a car from the A segment more, especially if it has as many features as this white V90 …
In any case this Volvo, and perhaps an additional nice car from the A-segment as a 2nd vehicle?

From a business point of view you can park this Volvo in front your door everywhere.
“Oh, you’re driving a Volvo … nice” or “Sooo, you’re driving a xxxx, hmmmm”
Only if you drive it yourself, it’s “Sooo, you’re driving a Volvo … ..”

I say go for it…. Have fun and enjoy !!!